Friday, May 1, 2015


What does a 21st century schizoid lady have to do with art?

A 21st century schizoid lady lives in the inner world she is building. You can experience this world in her art.

What is her art about?

Human nature: emotions, empathy, morality, survival. Synesthesia in portraits. The unconscious mind: introspection & observation, in strange creatures and settings.

What kind of media does Iustina use?

Usually, painting (tempera, acrylic, gouache, watercolour), drawing (ink, wax crayons, graphite), visual poetry, GIMP, Photoshop. But always willing to try new kinds of media!


My style is heavily influenced by expressionism, symbolism and surrealism. The portraits I make capture the essence of the personality I study. Whereas the decorative art I make conveys sublimation. I create a contrast between the gravity of the concept and the diaphane of the form. I explore themes such as the unconscious or socio-political subjects.

#expressionism, #symbolism, #surrealism

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